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Re: package naming for working directories, tarfiles and diff files

I blathered:
  The one below doesn't exactly do the right thing for symbolic
  links, unfortunately.

I really ought to get more sleep.

The only "problems" with symbolic links occur where there is some
reference to the file structure outside the package and then back into
the package.  Which is already bogus.

On thing though, I'd change the line
        xargs mkdir -p
        xargs -l 1000 mkdir -p

to get rid of a spurious error message which occurs when there are no
subdirectories under the source dir.

Oh, and my vote for the naming convention thing:
unmodified original: Orig/package
debian version:      package

for example,
$ cd /usr/src/Orig
$ tar xfz blarg.tar.gz
$ dup blarg ../blarg
[edit edit test edit test]
$ cd /usr/src
$ diff -rc orig/blarg blarg >Diffs/blarg.diff

Raul D. Miller

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