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re: Package Maintainers

"James A. Robinson" <jimr@simons-rock.edu> Wrote:
| Base Category : Optional
|  Package Name : elm (2.4pl23)
|   Description : The `elm' full-screen mail program
|  Sub Packages : 
|      Required : smail or sendmail
|    Maintainer : Donald Harper
|         Email : <Donald=Harper%NA%Contractors@bangate.compaq.com>

Um, could you change the address to be harper_d@uhdux2.dt.uh.edu?  I 
really don't think Compaq would like me publishing my address here.  
Besides, I hope to move to a new job in the near future, and then that 
address would change but my school address should remain constant for year 
or so...

Donald Harper
Consultant for North American Information Systems, Compaq Computers
Email: Donald=Harper%NA%Contractors@bangate.compaq.com
Voice Mail: (713) 374-6480     I do not speak for Compaq or Anatech

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