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Re: Another minor security query...

imurdock@gnu.ai.mit.edu writes ("Another minor security query..."):
> Hmm.  Try as I might, I could not get Emacs movemail to work with a
> root.mail, 2775 /var/spool/mail, even when it (movemail) was setgid
> mail.  I believe others had the same problem.  Did I miss a binary
> somewhere?

I don't know what you've done wrong, but I've been using movemail sgid
mail with a 2775 /var/spool/mail for over a year now with no problems.

chiark:~> ls -FClad /var/spool/mail /usr/lib/emacs/etc/movemail
-rwxrwsr-x   1 mail     mail        15173 Jan 26  1993 /usr/lib/emacs/etc/movemail*
drwxrwsr-x   2 mail     mail         1024 Apr  7 18:30 /var/spool/mail/

Hum.  I just looked at my source, and it says right at the very top:
/* hacked up to be standalone for Linux - ian 1993-01-26 */

However, reading the source, it seems as if the only thing I did was
to comment out the #include of "../src.config.h" and perhaps add or
fix up some related #defines (though it looks like I may have
specified quite a lot of stuff on the command line).

I understand Daniel Quinlan is putting together the Emacs package for
Debian - I'd be happy to help him.  Alternatively I can provide the
binary I'm using as a stopgap, and the source it was compiled from
(though I don't remember the compiler options any more).  It's linked
against libc.so.4.2.


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