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Re: Another minor security query...

>    Date: Wed, 6 Apr 94 09:52 PDT
>    From: pat@it.com.au (Pat Mackinlay)
>    I'm not sure if it's a local problem or not, but my (pretty standard)
>    Debian 0.91 system (or elm, to be more precise) keeps changing the gid
>    of my mailbox files to the default gid of the user, rather than to gid
>    "mail". This *is* a security hole, as the permissions are 660. Is this
>    another elm bug?
> Yes.  This is because /var/spool/mail should have the setgid bit set
> and be owned by root.mail; try `chmod 3777 /var/spool/mail ; chown
> root.mail /var/spool/mail'.  It was incorrect in 0.91.

	Or just mount your fs with BSD semantics :-)

> Ian Murdock <imurdock@gnu.ai.mit.edu>


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