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Re: GNU Pascal 2.5.7

Robert Sanders <gt8134b@acme.gatech.edu> writes:

> Okay, this is my last message tonight.  I've recently "ported" the
> GNU Pascal compiler version 2.5.7 to Linux (out of the box, mostly).
> I've also created a Debian package for it.  Should I put this in
> contrib at sunsite?  I recently mentioned a .tar.gz version of it on
> the NORMAL mailing list and got quite a few interested responses.

Put it in "/pub/Linux/distributions/debian/Incoming"

Just a reminder, make certain things follow the FSSTND.  If the FSSTND
doesn't say anything, either extrapolate or mail Dan.  :-)

> Note, however, that gpc has not been thoroughly tested under Linux
> and comes with very sparse and informal documentation.

Does it work better than p2c?  Does it have support for any advanced
Pascal features?  Does it have a manual or info page?  If you could
"produce one" it would be beneficial if people are going to use it.

We don't want to include things in the manner of SLS, just tossing
them into the system.  We need to add things properly, intergrated
into the Debian system w/ good documentation (online and offline,

BTW, I also agree with everything Robert said in his first two
messages.  However, I think getting 0.92 out the door and pushing more
responsibility to Debian developers should be at the top of our list.


Daniel Quinlan  <quinlan@spectrum.cs.bucknell.edu>

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