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Linux FSSTND 1.0 almost completed

[ Techically, I'm posting this as FSSTND coordinator and not as a
  Debian developer.  Maybe the other way around.  I don't know. ]

The first public version of the Linux filesystem standard is to be
released within a few days.  Since it is being used by Debian as the
guideline for its filesystem structure, this notice is being posted
here to give any Debian developer who is interested the chance to take
an early look at it.

For those who are not yet aware of this long-term and comprehensive
effort, this abstract taken from the current draft should explain the
essence of it:

       The open and distributed process in which the Linux operating
     system has developed fosters rapid growth of the operating
     system, applications, and integrated distributions.  This
     decentralized process, however, has created a need for
     standardizing the structure of the filesystem.  This standard
     aims to define locations and specifications for files and
     directories in Linux systems.  This will allow users, developers,
     and distributors to assemble parts of the system from various
     sources that will work together as smoothly as if they had been
     developed under a monolithic development process.  It will also
     make general documentation less difficult, system administration
     more consistent, and development of second and third party
     packages easier.

The draft is available through anonymous ftp at

In the "fsstnd" directory there is an ASCII copy (named according to
the date of the revision -- "draft-yy.mm.dd") and PostScript/DVI
copies of the most current draft ("draft.ps.gz" and "draft.dvi.gz").
Also, please note the "private" in that pathname (which won't remain
for very long.)

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to direct them
towards me or, if your prefer, any contributor listed in the standard.
Thank you.

Daniel Quinlan
FSSTND Coordinator

Daniel Quinlan  <quinlan@spectrum.cs.bucknell.edu>

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