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Uploaded koffice 1.1.0-final-6 (sparc) to ftp-master

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.7
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 18:44:09 -0500
Source: koffice
Binary: kword kspread kpresenter kivio koffice koffice-dev koffice-libs kchart kugar kontour koffice-doc-html kformula koshell
Architecture: sparc
Version: 1:1.1.0-final-6
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian/sparc Build Daemon <buildd@sparc.debian.org>
Changed-By: Ben Burton <benb@acm.org>
 kchart     - a chart drawing program for the KDE Office Suite
 kformula   - a formula editor for the KDE Office Suite
 kivio      - a flowcharting program for the KDE Office Suite
 koffice    - KDE Office Suite
 koffice-dev - common libraries for KOffice (development files)
 koffice-libs - common libraries and files for the KDE Office Suite
 kontour    - a vector graphics tool for the KDE Office Suite
 koshell    - the KDE Office Suite workspace
 kpresenter - a presentation program for the KDE Office Suite
 kspread    - a spreadsheet for the KDE Office Suite
 kugar      - a business report maker for the KDE Office Suite
 kword      - a word processor for the KDE Office Suite
Closes: 114262 114539
 koffice (1:1.1.0-final-6) unstable; urgency=low
   * Builds with automake 1.5.
   * koffice-libs recommends newer kghostview (closes: #114262, #114539).
   * HTML documentation generation only uses index.docbook files.
   * Installs .pl.1 man pages in the correct location (requires newer
 7ec33291e8e370a5516a154865249de2 6776 x11 optional koffice_1.1.0-final-6_sparc.deb
 120a544b64917529398743a8f7c2ef1c 307218 x11 optional kchart_1.1.0-final-6_sparc.deb
 fdeda6b8e11c8a05b53f92eb22c5cf3f 52744 x11 optional kformula_1.1.0-final-6_sparc.deb
 37bce49d5900ae55cebaf257109c9e85 686610 graphics optional kivio_1.1.0-final-6_sparc.deb
 b44929ac8a8ac2cc656a799b09afdb6f 569342 graphics optional kontour_1.1.0-final-6_sparc.deb
 e170de8f29a759c14076ee84be539fa0 37514 x11 optional koshell_1.1.0-final-6_sparc.deb
 fd78f926adc033b55cb48a3dbe9ebd13 1976448 x11 optional kpresenter_1.1.0-final-6_sparc.deb
 22f04df0b8c221c83b8962728e0ec271 825438 x11 optional kspread_1.1.0-final-6_sparc.deb
 65acbd920f7fd8fd7d0dec9b40706b0a 155798 x11 optional kugar_1.1.0-final-6_sparc.deb
 69bba61c8abed9c9ed9308fcacf283a9 2343274 x11 optional kword_1.1.0-final-6_sparc.deb
 2bd33dc0d0b6f877bc2c15f12124eabf 1347756 libs optional koffice-libs_1.1.0-final-6_sparc.deb
 09d0217147f40e240dd0d397979271a0 63654 devel optional koffice-dev_1.1.0-final-6_sparc.deb
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