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Uploaded gnome-games (sparc) to ftp-master

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.7
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 13:40:17 -0400
Source: gnome-games
Binary: gnome-glines gnome-gnibbles gnome-games-locale gnome-xbill gnome-stones gnome-mahjongg gnome-gnobots2 gnome-games gnome-gnotski gnome-gnometris gnome-iagno gnome-gnomine gnome-same-gnome gnome-gataxx gnome-gtali gnome-card-games gnome-gnotravex
Architecture: sparc
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian/sparc Build Daemon <buildd@sparc.debian.org>
Changed-By: James LewisMoss <dres@debian.org>
 gnome-card-games - Gnome card games - Solitaire games (FreeCell, Klondike, Spider, e
 gnome-gataxx - This is a GNOME port of the old game ataxx.
 gnome-glines - This is a version of the color lines program
 gnome-gnibbles - A cute little game that has no description
 gnome-gnobots2 - Second Gnome version of robots game for BSD games collection
 gnome-gnometris - A tetris clone.
 gnome-gnomine - Classic find the mines in the minefield game (from Gnome)
 gnome-gnotravex - A game based on Tetravex.
 gnome-gnotski - Derivative game from Klotski.
 gnome-gtali - Gnome version of Yahtzee Dice Game
 gnome-iagno - Gnome version of Othello (Reversi) board game
 gnome-mahjongg - Classic Chinese Tile Game (from Gnome)
 gnome-same-gnome - The "Same Game" puzzle (from Gnome)
 gnome-stones - Stones games
 gnome-xbill - Fight the infection.
Closes: 108030
 gnome-games ( unstable; urgency=low
   * Remove set -e from gen-man-page.  We are planning on catching the
     error rather than letting it kill the script. (Closes: #108030)
   * Add libtoolize call (may fix 106797)
 7fab395a0011d05af51cc3b7a7a5fa6b 453766 games optional gnome-card-games_1.4.0.3-4_sparc.deb
 32b7e8bc9a222bdd8e031d1858d7f5e8 105456 games optional gnome-gnomine_1.4.0.3-4_sparc.deb
 7ea3af85854ff93e4af44d957020ba93 1184628 games optional gnome-mahjongg_1.4.0.3-4_sparc.deb
 5e533af95994617f1a27709bfe1f98b5 592008 games optional gnome-same-gnome_1.4.0.3-4_sparc.deb
 ae3d5bff418d4193f3316f3fe62c65b3 166412 games optional gnome-gtali_1.4.0.3-4_sparc.deb
 cc1534383aa4f3712948ecbaf1023e6f 1319102 games optional gnome-iagno_1.4.0.3-4_sparc.deb
 a90e14aca62f6ccd77eb053098c45bb5 421024 games optional gnome-stones_1.4.0.3-4_sparc.deb
 6509162ee8c07469bc108fd678cdd5b4 210890 games optional gnome-gnibbles_1.4.0.3-4_sparc.deb
 841580564cc2390f8d6b9074fe7ac7f5 1043816 games optional gnome-gnometris_1.4.0.3-4_sparc.deb
 66571172bdfa4ab19463181a423245cf 94070 games optional gnome-glines_1.4.0.3-4_sparc.deb
 bfe1fd78e5bbb70911927da1a01059b4 872680 games optional gnome-gataxx_1.4.0.3-4_sparc.deb
 7bdfa057d0479d4c5b282d0fe8ea5a3d 82094 games optional gnome-xbill_1.4.0.3-4_sparc.deb
 2afad90bca50774e336b8767ebc170fd 86704 games optional gnome-gnotravex_1.4.0.3-4_sparc.deb
 6094a67d0cbeef7fb841e8d490d4a3d2 214096 games optional gnome-gnobots2_1.4.0.3-4_sparc.deb
 19ccd589dd4f366c1f199774a419c80b 37904 games optional gnome-gnotski_1.4.0.3-4_sparc.deb
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