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Uploaded inn2 2.3.2-1 (sparc) to ftp-master

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.7
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 13:48:38 -0600
Source: inn2
Binary: inn2-dev inn2 inn2-inews task-news-server
Architecture: sparc
Version: 2.3.2-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian/SPARC Build Daemon <buildd@vore.debian.org>
Changed-By: Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com>
 inn2       - News transport system `InterNetNews' by the ISC and Rich Salz
 inn2-dev   - The libinn.a library and manpages.
 inn2-inews - NNTP client news injector, from InterNetNews (INN)
Closes: 83734 87618 88120 89853 90908 90993 95096 96612 97443 97662 98247 98490 99021 99242 101601 103477 104517
 inn2 (2.3.2-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * new upstream version, closes: #98247, #101601
   * remove authprogs/pwcheck.c and modify authprogs/Makefile in orig.tar.gz
     since we don't use it and license is non-DFSG-compliant!  Closes: #103477
   * make inn2-inews conflict with cnews, closes: #97662
   * modify news.daily to use tempfile(1) for safe tempfile creation,
     closes: #104517
   * improve several instances of unsafe temp file handling using relevant
     patches from the Debian security team, closes: #83734
   * patch to fix expireover seg faults from Andrew Stribblehill, closes: #95096
   * make 'server' in inn.conf be 'localhost' by default, closes: #90908
   * add a note in the sample newsfeeds file indicating that nntplink is not
     part of INN, closes: #88120
   * depend on awk, closes: #87618  Note, I will *not* change the compress
     definition in innshellvars, see README.Debian for details.
   * only execute rnews in cron if it exists, so that removing but not purging
     inn2 doesn't generate excessive email, closes: #89853
   * postinst forces owner of default log files to be correct, closes: #98490
   * enable support for ovdb, closes: #96612
   * remove references to non-existent newslog(8) man page, clean up wildmat(5)
     references, closes: #90993
   * apply patches from Tollef Fog Heen for gnupg use in signcontrol and use
     safer temp file handling, closes: #99021, #99242
   * the inn2 package really can't do anything about the way conffiles are
     handled by dpkg when moving from inn to inn2.  inn and inn2 are distinct
     packages to Debian, despite their similar heritage, closes: #97443
 4266ab2613d39b6b0702ff222457da87 1982862 news optional inn2_2.3.2-1_sparc.deb
 f22b0a77eadd72a5b3557ec6e2a56cc3 88786 news optional inn2-inews_2.3.2-1_sparc.deb
 7307ec7342b6902181439f9f79e9fa30 195952 news optional inn2-dev_2.3.2-1_sparc.deb

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Comment: Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>


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