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Uploaded ruby 1.6.4-11 (sparc) to ftp-master

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.7
Date: Mon,  6 Aug 2001 17:19:09 +0900
Source: ruby
Binary: libreadline-ruby libtk-ruby libnkf-ruby libpty-ruby libsdbm-ruby ruby-dev ruby libgdbm-ruby libcurses-ruby irb ruby-examples libruby libdbm-ruby libtcltk-ruby ruby-elisp
Architecture: sparc
Version: 1.6.4-11
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian/SPARC Build Daemon <buildd@vore.debian.org>
Changed-By: akira yamada <akira@debian.org>
 libcurses-ruby - Curses interface for scripting language Ruby.
 libdbm-ruby - DBM interface for scripting language Ruby.
 libgdbm-ruby - GDBM interface for scripting language Ruby.
 libnkf-ruby - Network Kanji code conversion Filter for Ruby.
 libpty-ruby - pseudo tty interface for the scripting language ruby.
 libreadline-ruby - Readline interface for the scripting language ruby.
 libruby    - Libraries necessary to run the ruby.
 libsdbm-ruby - SDBM interface for scripting language Ruby.
 libtcltk-ruby - Tk interface for scripting language Ruby.
 libtk-ruby - Tk interface for scripting language Ruby.
 ruby       - An interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby.
 ruby-dev   - Header files for compiling extension modules for the Ruby.
 ruby (1.6.4-11) unstable; urgency=medium
   * applied bug fix patch (108_ruby-1.6.4.patch) from upstream
     cvs repository:
         - causes segv to mod_ruby.
         - do not recurse if method_missing is undefined.
   * removed 501_ruby-m68k.patch because the patch was included
     on upstream.
 4fd226b0aa8066ac95f5fd3da84c74b0 127066 interpreters optional ruby_1.6.4-11_sparc.deb
 73e6122684da0bb0778439f145b83886 523648 libs optional libruby_1.6.4-11_sparc.deb
 38543a74af1ee3cc059627305475cd0a 535058 devel optional ruby-dev_1.6.4-11_sparc.deb
 1a8843bbb5335336677480dfc3bbe6a0 114396 interpreters optional libcurses-ruby_1.6.4-11_sparc.deb
 cf7aa31cc5d729ad1a9b52221bf58a81 113294 interpreters optional libdbm-ruby_1.6.4-11_sparc.deb
 09bf0bf07d0672e32c7961a6383806e0 114432 interpreters optional libgdbm-ruby_1.6.4-11_sparc.deb
 7c3553973a825b0ed47b164af6e2d5a9 120054 interpreters optional libnkf-ruby_1.6.4-11_sparc.deb
 e9a595598f368bf250b5bc08820de19b 117150 interpreters optional libpty-ruby_1.6.4-11_sparc.deb
 528030dcd1df3b8624c069a824fb8a49 113594 interpreters optional libreadline-ruby_1.6.4-11_sparc.deb
 1b9459dc83201f4f67f91c600befd821 116552 interpreters optional libsdbm-ruby_1.6.4-11_sparc.deb
 8414a07690edae0c2a040da9569e4a20 132804 interpreters optional libtcltk-ruby_1.6.4-11_sparc.deb
 6a28d01502b9b67c945c82c2a2105646 147046 interpreters optional libtk-ruby_1.6.4-11_sparc.deb

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Comment: Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>


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