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Uploaded kdeutils 2.2.0-0beta1-2 (sparc) to ftp-master

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.7
Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2001 02:37:00 -0700
Source: kdeutils
Binary: kab karm klpq kdepasswd klaptopdaemon kedit khexedit kfloppy kcalc kpm kdf knotes ark klprfax kjots kfind kljettool kcharselect ktimer
Architecture: sparc
Version: 4:2.2.0-0beta1-2
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian GNU/Linux SPARC/UltraSPARC Build Daemon <buildd@sparc.debian.org>
Changed-By: Ivan E. Moore II <rkrusty@debian.org>
 ark        - An archiver for KDE
 kab        - An addressbook for KDE
 karm       - A time tracker for KDE
 kcalc      - A calculator for KDE
 kcharselect - A Character set selector for KDE
 kdepasswd  - A Password changer frontend for KDE
 kdf        - Disk space GUI for KDE
 kedit      - A simple text editor for KDE
 kfind      - A KDE based file finder
 kfloppy    - A floppy disk formater frontend
 khexedit   - A hex editor for KDE
 kjots      - A small note taker program for KDE
 klaptopdaemon - battery monitoring and management for laptops
 kljettool  - Laser Jet tools for KDE
 klpq       - KDE port of a program called xlpq
 klprfax    - A LPD fax frontend using efax
 knotes     - Sticky notes for KDE
 kpm        - Process manager for KDE
 ktimer     - a timer for KDE
 kdeutils (4:2.2.0-0beta1-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Sync with upstream
   * Autobuild for alpha now
 ea31006741ef909057d37ea13bd542d7 191884 utils optional ark_2.2.0-0beta1-2_sparc.deb
 02e326751cf7c97abe5f70d7335bb657 184076 utils optional kab_2.2.0-0beta1-2_sparc.deb
 484feef5e3533afb8f4954778303ab2b 42878 utils optional klprfax_2.2.0-0beta1-2_sparc.deb
 612d53623433546c015c1b6a06ab5ea9 189532 utils optional kdf_2.2.0-0beta1-2_sparc.deb
 106175e7fe0d47e3627e6bda4c36c591 78532 utils optional karm_2.2.0-0beta1-2_sparc.deb
 fbcc67d36c6900b9b7d81ec10e92e0b1 97832 utils optional kcalc_2.2.0-0beta1-2_sparc.deb
 0cf18b6a5573ba150ea73ecce19b1b8e 38972 utils optional kcharselect_2.2.0-0beta1-2_sparc.deb
 d116499444ed75d8b708364e898c3c2f 19406 utils optional kdepasswd_2.2.0-0beta1-2_sparc.deb
 c779f95e391fb33bcb9fc0efcec6341d 95454 editors optional kedit_2.2.0-0beta1-2_sparc.deb
 9b0aff521696c328d4aa37a4ac2e7c6e 66804 utils optional kfind_2.2.0-0beta1-2_sparc.deb
 31c82636248109e77fe8e70b233cf2a4 43456 utils optional kfloppy_2.2.0-0beta1-2_sparc.deb
 5792b4ec0a5b0f639dcc57d8b5115c07 252282 utils optional khexedit_2.2.0-0beta1-2_sparc.deb
 644690da48a56242e9399a3017682a89 69232 utils optional kjots_2.2.0-0beta1-2_sparc.deb
 566d02ec24108bdeb246a064dac4245b 84976 utils optional klaptopdaemon_2.2.0-0beta1-2_sparc.deb
 16aedfd004d2e0ef900752dd4addd3a5 86538 utils optional kljettool_2.2.0-0beta1-2_sparc.deb
 4fce3f4ec2f719bd9aa3c642234aa185 63244 utils optional klpq_2.2.0-0beta1-2_sparc.deb
 d1ab12d3d0e58e92facd86efc06c590e 257506 utils optional knotes_2.2.0-0beta1-2_sparc.deb
 2e28e280daa604f32207c0467e7fe662 196218 utils optional kpm_2.2.0-0beta1-2_sparc.deb
 8098e88a462a1ab6f7581ccd81894636 25472 utils optional ktimer_2.2.0-0beta1-2_sparc.deb
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