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Re: debian.org.es ??


esDebian.org is a well known place to share experience around Debian, but the Spanish Debian Association is hosted at http://debian-es.org/ .

Cheers, and thanks for the report,

2011/3/18 <fcestrada@fcestrada.com>
> hello,


> why is there on the page http://www.debian.org/trademark a link to Debian
> Spain Association
> ... pointing to
> http://www.debian.org.es/
> ... and this page having only one little text about debian and a part of
> the logo, but mainly 2 centered links to commercial rentals websites
> (these sites pointing to many other commercial site, that's a use of
> traffic for pageranking, no?)????

Thanks a lot for your report!, I think the right link is
http://www.esdebian.org/ but to avoid a mistake with the change I include
d-devel-spanish for comments to fix it ;-)

Best Regards,

Fernando C. Estrada

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