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Re: Bug#477197: Dead ~

(CC'ed to -spanish mailing lists. Please DON'T CC the list in answers)

(I dislike the current momentum of "me too" about this bug. I suspect
something popped into a -user mailing list of Spanish users but, hey
ladies and gentlment, I think the maintainers of this package got the
point. Spanish users don't like the behaviour change for AltGr+4, no
need to make a metoo-contest)

Quoting Tako Schotanus (freedesktop@codejive.org):
> I don't like the dead tilde either because it really is useless in spanish.
> But if we change it we should maybe think about the dead ^ as well?
> Because it's just as useless, it's never used in spanish but quite a bit in
> programming/regular expressions etc
> And if we're busy anyway, why not change the dead back quote? (`)
> Spanish does not use them either, only the forward quote.


Please don't change keyboard mappings randomly. There are standards
for many keymaps and these should be respected as much as possible
*and keep the established practices*.

This is why I think the "dead_tilde" change should be reverted even if
it conforms to a standard (I didn't check but that's very possible
because of that being the behaviour in MS Windows). This is
*established practice*.

But this is also why I think that *no other* behaviour should be
changed! If the circumflex is a dead key on Spanish keymap, then leave
it as it is.

Also, please all think that Spanish keymaps are not only used for
Castellano, but also for Catalan, Galician, Basque (limiting /self to
languages for which an important l10n effort happens in FLOSS), so the
needs for these languages should be also considered. Catalan uses
grave accents, for instance.

And, well, being able to type correct French with a Spanish keyboard
is not that stupid, right? :-)

> Dunno, maybe it would be possible to have two diferent key maps?
> One where only the ´ is dead while all others aren't and one that conforms
> to what is "the norm" on other sytems?

I sincerely hope that xkb maintainers will *never* make the mistake
that has been done with console keymaps where dozens of various funky
keymaps are floating all around, adding a lot to confusion.


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