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lists.debian.org: Please make the debian-devel-spanish list open to subscribers-only

Package: lists.debian.org
Version: N/A reported 2006-02-22
Priority: wishlist

Please, make the debian-devel-spanish mailing list open only to subscribers.
The load of spam there, vs. posting from regular users, is very high. For
example, july last year had 4 valid e-mails out of 34 postings to the list
(that is, 30 where spam). See:

In February this year (although it did not end yet) there have been 4
relevant e-mails out of 12:

Even though some of the postings might come from unsubscribed users, I think
many developers would gladly accept becoming moderators of the mailings of
unsubscribed users.

I rather reject posts to the mailing list myself than manually reviewing the
web archives and reporting as spam tons of messages.



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