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Re: Failure

To whom it may concern,

We have provided the information below for users inquiring about the
Sqwire Internet Explorer Helper.  If the links and information below
do not answer your questions please email us at webmaster@sqwire.com

The Sqwire Internet Explorer Helper is a browser enhancement program
that helps you gain access to websites that are of suitable interest to
you.  In order to have the software installed on your machine, you must
have explicitly agreed to an End User License Agreement.  Please review 
the terms at http://www.sqwire.com/conditions.html.

The Sqwire Internet Explorer Helper software does not maintain any 
personally identifiable information about the end
users. The software is also not a trojan, a virus or a worm, and even
though it does operate transparently, it is completely removable and is
only installed after the end user's explicit agreement to a software use
license.  More information about this software
as well as information on how to uninstall it can be obtained at


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