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[FWD] [VAC] Mar 16-19 Madrid ES (from: frankie@debian.org)

  ¿¿Alguien quiere quedar a tomar unas cervezas??
  Móvil en db.debian.org y dirección del hotel en el thread en d-private

P.S: enviado con el permiso del autor.

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From: "Francesco P. Lovergine" <frankie@debian.org>
Subject: [VAC] Mar 16-19 Madrid ES
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 11:48:24 +0100

I'll be at Torrejon de Ardoz (which is not too far from Madrid AFAIK)
in that period, for a workshop. Eventually, I'll available for key-signing
in the evening of 17th,18th or at Madrid airport on 16th and 19th. 
Please contact in time. I don't know if email will be available.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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