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Re: surprise

On Sun, Feb 29, 2004 at 02:49:57PM +0100, Sylvie Le Quintrec wrote:
> I'm sorry for my bad message to you, but I am in big trouble with these
> virus I received.
> My PC presents a lot of problems now.
> How does the virusman find our adresses? Is there a possibility not to
> receive more mails from it or not?

You have several choices, and among them 2 are the most clear of them:

1. keep your windows installation as the only operative system in your
computer. This way you have to be carefull with every mail you receive, even
from friends. You have to be carefull with every document you open, with every
file you receive from kazaa-like software...
You have to keep then your antivirus updated daily or weekly, and updatedwith 
the latest windows security updates.

   However, I recomend you the 2nd option:

2. change to another operative system, for example Linux. Use it to open your
files, your documents and your files. You can use to surf the net, read your
mails and work. Is more secure than windows but you cannot play those windows
games. If you have the desire to learn, Linux is a great oportunity. It also
has MSN Messanger to keep in touch with your friend (if you happen to use it).

If you still want to play those games, you could keep a dual boot installation
(that is, you use linux to do all your everyday activities and windows to play

And no, it is not possible to avoid the viruses to get the addresses. Someone
who has both your addess and ours (*) and gets infected sends you a copy of
the virus with our address as "From" address.


(*) our address means "debian-devel-spanish@lists.debian.org", a mailing list
for the development of Debian GNU/Linux in Spanish.

Jesus Climent                                      info:www.pumuki.org
Unix SysAdm|Linux User #66350|Debian Developer|2.4.24|Helsinki Finland
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Actually, my name is Austin Powers. Danger is my middle name.
		--Austin Powers (Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery)

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