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Personal KDE 3.2 PowerPC packages for Sid

Hello all!
Sorry for the crossposting O:-)

This email is to tell you that i am packaging KDE 3.2 for PowerPC.
The packages are not the "official" for Debian but just a quick&dirty packages 
for personal use.

I have just "dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot" and fixed some bugs to allow the 
packages to build and install in MY system... a testing/unstable Debian 

If you want to test them, please download from:

The machine hosting the packages is my personal server in a DSL line so if you 
think these packages will be useful, please mirror the directory and allow my 
family to browse the internet :-)

If you find any bug (sure there are a lot of them) please report it and i'll 
try to fix them as soon as my time allow me to do so.

I hope you'll enjoy the packages.

Un saludo,
	Jaime Robles - http://jaime.robles.nu
	Coordinador KDE-es - KDE Spanish Translation Team
	http://www.kde.org/es  - http://es.i18n.kde.org

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