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[FWD] Some proposals (from: jaldhar@debian.org)

  Ya sé que no puedo hacer mucho más que darle al forward, que los
  vayáis leyendo... Yo es que cada vez le veo más sentido a lo de
  metadistros metido en Debian. Pero no deberíamos dejar pasar el

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Seeing as everyone else is throwing in their two currency units, here are
some ideas i've been kicking around.


Proposal:  Stop releasing altogether

sid would be the only Debian distribution.  Other companies/interested
groups of people would be responsible for putting out finished products on
whatever schedule suited them.  The debian projects role would be to
produce the packages, and provide infrastructure (BTS, policy, installer.)
Does this this sound unworkable?  Look how many specialized Knoppix
knockoffs are beginning to bloom.  Look how many people try Linux From
Scratch.  And most longtime Debian users upgrade continuously without any
thought to releases anyway.

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  Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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