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Re: [inbox] porting glossword for Debian

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for devel-portuguese only:

Pessoal, o Dmitry � mantenedor "upstream" do glossword. Ele parece
estar precisando de um interlocutor mais bem preparado do que eu. Por
isto, estou lhes enviando uma c� de minha resposta a ele.

"Dmitry N.Shilnikov" <dev@glossword.info> writes:

> Hello,

Hi Dmitry

>>> Would you like to vote for a term
> I thought about it long time ago, but haven't got requests
> for this feature. It is possible to add this feature my making minor
> changes.

Well, now you are requests for this feature :)

>>> I have comments for README.Debian
> Glossword require writing permissions for temporary directory
> to write cached queries when sql-caching is turned on
> and to write files with exported terms.
> You've said it has difficulties with policy.
> What is the way to allow Glossword save
> important data on disk then?

I think that in some place into /var/

See it:

(extracted of FHS 2.1)

/var contains variable data files. This includes spool directories and
files, administrative and logging data, and transient and temporary


	"Variable data"
Process accounting logs (if supported)
Application cache data
System crash dumps (if supported)
Variable game data
Variable state information
Lock files
Log files and directories
User mailbox files
Variable data for /opt
Data relevant to running processes
Application spool data
Temporary files preserved between system reboots
Network Information Service (NIS) database files

What do you think?

>>> and for Debian internationalization
> Before I can go on, I'd like to know more about you.


> How deep do you involved into translation process?

As part of brazilian portuguese translator team. I'm a begginer in art
of software development (my formation is Philosophy, not Computation :)
) Your software is my first debian package. But I find help in the
brazilizan community of debian developers.

> Do you have experience with translation software,
> like Trados, TermStar, GTraslator?


> Any relations with Debian suppliers, developers?


> I am asking because I have translation solution
> for Brasil translation of Debian and even for the
> whole Debian suite. I am using this solution today
> to manage 23,110 phrases written in 28 languages
> used in 5 projects and one of these projects is Glossword.

There is a mailing-list: debian-internationalization at
debian.org. Your solution can be introduced there, too.

But, I am interested her, too. What about?

This message is Cc'd to debian-devel-portuguese.

> Best regards,
> Dmitry N.Shilnikov
> Glossword developer
> http://glossword.info/fb,xhtml
> Moscow, Russia

Thanks in advance, Dmitry,
- -- 
Marcio Roberto Teixeira

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