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Uploaded postgresql 7.2.3-1 (m68k) to ftp-master

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.7
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 23:09:18 +0100
Source: postgresql
Binary: postgresql-client python-pygresql pgaccess odbc-postgresql libpgperl postgresql-doc libecpg3 postgresql-dev postgresql libpgsql2 libpgtcl postgresql-contrib
Architecture: m68k
Version: 7.2.3-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: buildd m68k user account <buildd@ax.westfalen.de>
Changed-By: Oliver Elphick <olly@lfix.co.uk>
 libecpg3   - Shared library libecpg.so.3 for PostgreSQL
 libpgperl  - Perl modules for PostgreSQL.
 libpgsql2  - Shared library libpq.so.2 for PostgreSQL
 libpgtcl   - Tcl/Tk library and front-end for PostgreSQL.
 odbc-postgresql - ODBC support for PostgreSQL
 pgaccess   - Tk/Tcl front-end for PostgreSQL database
 postgresql - Object-relational SQL database, descended from POSTGRES.
 postgresql-client - Front-end programs for PostgreSQL
 postgresql-contrib - Additional facilities for PostgreSQL
 postgresql-dev - Header files for libpq (postgresql library)
 python-pygresql - PostgreSQL module for Python
Closes: 70430 148335 165886
 postgresql (7.2.3-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Adopting NMU changes
   * libpgsql2: Extra test in presinst so as not to try to read
     non-existent PG_VERSION. Closes: #165886
   * libpgtcl: Fixed bad symbolic links.  Closes: #148335
   * libpgtcl: created a pkgIndex.tcl file (and a symbolic link to the
     shared library) in /usr/lib/postgresql, so that in Tcl you can now
     do "package require Pgtcl" and have it work.  Closes: #70430
 5ee92c8c4c086e196d4ed030ffc55405 1584320 misc optional postgresql_7.2.3-1_m68k.deb
 ac03c1c871b83c488e50300b5969c3c4 271312 misc optional postgresql-client_7.2.3-1_m68k.deb
 d0b637c3c93578295ab2634948a0a861 499120 devel optional postgresql-dev_7.2.3-1_m68k.deb
 eef4590df5fcc0b14ced4958aa415917 66390 libs optional libpgsql2_7.2.3-1_m68k.deb
 c785dff2ba0264b841a34a3f46493aac 31222 libs optional libecpg3_7.2.3-1_m68k.deb
 d7e8d2ce5ea74373c812ac6b0bb441fb 55392 libs optional libpgtcl_7.2.3-1_m68k.deb
 3f12eee50f921e13f977543c155842ab 94824 libs optional libpgperl_7.2.3-1_m68k.deb
 c51336146dec4041dd6ec50973dd855c 426712 misc optional pgaccess_7.2.3-1_m68k.deb
 4259e5ca232281290c191cf50f0d31c1 327718 misc optional postgresql-contrib_7.2.3-1_m68k.deb
 7c3748dbd0e153fa7124b951ffbaf045 62928 misc optional python-pygresql_7.2.3-1_m68k.deb
 41f34c7bdf6db748c1f412812e0b997d 187916 libs optional odbc-postgresql_7.2.3-1_m68k.deb

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