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Uploaded freeciv 1.13.0-0.1 (m68k) to ftp-master

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Format: 1.7
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 21:18:06 +0200
Source: freeciv
Binary: freeciv freeciv-gtk freeciv-xaw3d
Architecture: m68k
Version: 1.13.0-0.1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: buildd m68k user account <buildd@ax.westfalen.de>
Changed-By: Jordi Mallach <jordi@debian.org>
 freeciv    - A free Civilization clone for Unix and X.
 freeciv-gtk - A free Civilization clone for Unix and X.
 freeciv-xaw3d - A free Civilization clone for Unix and X.
Closes: 108385 113499 124640 140618 153413 154329
 freeciv (1.13.0-0.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Non-Maintainer Upload, after trying to contact Jules with no luck.
   * This release was cooked up by Filip Van Raemdonck and Jordi Mallach,
     in an amazing lesson of cooperation.
   * New upstream version, which works with online servers (closes: #154329).
   * Correct the description (closes: #124640).
   * Install the upstream changelog only once (closes: #140618).
   * Remove the emacs variables from this changelog.
   * Remove the debian/obsolete/ directory.
   * Build with GTK+ 2.0. This means gdk-imlib-dev is no longer needed. Update
     Remove unneeded include of gdk_imlib.h.
   * Update Standards-Version:.
   * Update the client packages to depend on freeciv >= 1.13.
   * Set DH_COMPAT=3 to allow globbing for doc/*.
     Install the server and data files into debian/freeciv/ since compatibility
     level 3 expects them there.
     Use dh_installman instead of dh_installmanpages.
   * Don't install HOWTOPLAY into the freeciv package twice.
   * The repeated sentence has been fixed in this version (closes: #108385).
   * Fixes and additions for the .desktop file (closes: #153413).
   * Compress game scenarios (closes: #113499).
   * Not applying patch in #153018, letting Jules decide. I (Jordi) think it's
     a bad idea, not knowing how it'll look when playing in a non-Debian
   * Remove po/nl.gmo in clean so it builds ok the second time.
 89df321efa6ddec45c294bd509c2f3d0 3103150 games optional freeciv_1.13.0-0.1_m68k.deb
 346f0c2949f154021234b85cddce094d 592148 games optional freeciv-xaw3d_1.13.0-0.1_m68k.deb
 6b19009602cc343f4c80409bebf5e85f 597876 games optional freeciv-gtk_1.13.0-0.1_m68k.deb
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