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Uploaded vim 6.1.152-1 (m68k) to erlangen

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Format: 1.7
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 10:54:13 +0200
Source: vim
Binary: vim-python vim-gtk vim-ruby vim vim-tcl vim-perl
Architecture: m68k
Version: 6.1.152-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian/m68k Build Daemon <buildd@kullervo.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de>
Changed-By: Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@debian.org>
 vim        - Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor
 vim-gtk    - Vi IMproved - GTK version
 vim-perl   - Vi IMproved, with perl scripting support
 vim-python - Vi IMproved, with python scripting support
 vim-ruby   - Vi IMproved, with ruby scripting support
 vim-tcl    - Vi IMproved, with tcl scripting support
 vim (6.1.152-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Apply upstream patches:
     + 6.1.049: On a 32 bit display a valid color may cause an error
       message, because its pixel value is negative.
     + 6.1.050: After patch 6.1.049 the non-GUI version doesn't compile.
     + 6.1.051: Doesn't compile with GUI and small features.
     + 6.1.052: Unix: The executable() function doesn't work when the
       "which" command isn't available.
     + 6.1.053: When 'sessionoptions' contains "globals", or "localoptions"
       and an option value contains a line break, the resulting script
       is wrong.
     + 6.1.054: GUI: A mouse click is not recognized at the more prompt,
       even when 'mouse' includes 'r'.
     + 6.1.055: When editing a compressed file, Vim will inspect the
       contents to guess the filetype.
     + 6.1.056: Loading the Syntax menu can take quite a bit of time.
     + 6.1.057: An ESC inside a mapping doesn't work as documented when
       'insertmode' is set, it does go from Visual or Normal mode to
       Insert mode.
     + 6.1.058: When there is a closed fold just above the first line in
       the window, using CTRL-X CTRL-Y in Insert mode will show only one
       line of the fold.
     + 6.1.059: ":redir > ~/file" doesn't work.
     + 6.1.060: When 'virtualedit' is set and 'selection' is "exclusive",
       deleting a character just before a tab changes the tab into
       spaces. Undo doesn't restore the tab.
     + 6.1.061: When 'virtualedit' is set and 'selection' is "exclusive",
       a Visual selection that ends just after a tab doesn't include that
       tab in the highlighting.
     + 6.1.062: The "man" filetype plugin doesn't work properly on
       Solaris 5.
     + 6.1.063: Java indenting doesn't work properly.
     + 6.1.064: The URLs that the netrw plugin recognized for ftp and rcp
       did not conform to the standard method://[user@]host[:port]/path.
     + 6.1.065: VMS: The colorscheme, keymap and compiler menus are not
       filled in.
     + 6.1.066: When calling system() in a plugin reading stdin hangs.
     + 6.1.067: ":set viminfo+=f0" is not working.
     + 6.1.068: When a file is reloaded after it was changed outside of Vim,
       diff mode isn't updated.
     + 6.1.069: When 'showmatch' is set and "$" is in 'cpoptions', using
       "C}<Esc>" may forget to remove the "$".
     + 6.1.070: Compiler warning for signed/unsigned mismatch.
     + 6.1.071: When 'selection' is exclusive, g CTRL-G in Visual mode
       counts one character too much.
     + 6.1.072: When a file name in a tags file starts with http://
       or something else for which there is a BufReadCmd autocommand,
       the file isn't opened anyway.
     + 6.1.073: BC5: Can't easily specify a tiny, small, normal, big or
       huge version.
     + 6.1.074: When 'cdpath' includes "../..", changing to a directory
       in which we currently already are doesn't work. ff_check_visited()
       adds the directory both when using it as the root for searching
       and for the actual matches.
     + 6.1.075: Can't compile fileio.c on MS-Windows.
     + 6.1.076: Macintosh: explorer plugin doesn't work on Mac Classic. IME
       doesn't work. Dialog boxes don't work on Mac OS X
     + 6.1.077: On a Debian system wht ACL linking fails.
     + 6.1.078: When using 'foldmethod' "marker" and the end marker appears
       before the start marker in the file, no fold is found.
     + 6.1.079: When using "s" in Visual block mode with 'virtualedit'
       set, when the selected block is after the end of some lines the
       wrong text is inserted and some lines are skipped.
     + 6.1.080: When using gcc with /usr/local already in the search path,
       adding it again causes problems.
     + 6.1.081: ":help CTRL-\_CTRL-N" doesn't work.
     + 6.1.082: On MS-Windows the vimrc_example.vim script is sourced
       and then mswin.vim. This enables using select mode, but since "p"
       is mapped it doesn't replace the selection.
     + 6.1.083: When $LANG is "sk" or "sk_sk", the Slovak menu file
       isn't found.
     + 6.1.084: "include" and "lib" are mixed up when checking the
       directories gcc already searches.
     + 6.1.085: When using CTRL-O CTRL-\ CTRL-N from Insert mode, the
       displayed mode "
     + 6.1.086: The guifg color for CursorIM doesn't take effect.
     + 6.1.087: A thesaurus with Japanese characters has problems with
       characters in different word classes.
     + 6.1.088: Win32: no debugging info is generated. Tags file excludes
       .cpp files.
     + 6.1.089: On BSDI systems there is no ss_sp field in stack_t.
     + 6.1.090: CTRL-F gets stuck when 'scrolloff' is non-zero and there
       is a mix of long wrapping lines and a non-wrapping line.
     + 6.1.091: GTK: Can't change preeditstate without setting
     + 6.1.092: ":mapclear <buffer>" doesn't work.
     + 6.1.093: Mac and MS-Windows GUI: when scrolling while ":s" is
       working the results can be messed up, because the cursor is moved.
     + 6.1.094: Cygwin: Passing a file name that has backslashes isn't
       handled very well.
     + 6.1.095: When using signs can free an item on the stack. Overruling
       sign colors doesn't work.
     + 6.1.096: When erasing the right halve of a double-byte character,
       it may cause further characters to be erased.
     + 6.1.097: When 'scrolloff' is set to a huge value, CTRL-F at the
       end of the file scrolls one line.
     + 6.1.098: MS-Windows: When the xxd program is under "c:\program files"
       the "Convert to Hex" menu doesn't work.
     + 6.1.099: Memory corrupted when closing a fold with more than
       99999 lines.
     + 6.1.100: Win32: VC5 and earlier don't support the /mapinfo option.
     + 6.1.101: After using ":options" the tabstop of a new window is
       15. Entry in ":options" window for 'autowriteall' is wrong. (Antoine
       J Mechelynck) Can't insert a space in an option value.
     + 6.1.102: Unprintable and multi-byte characters in a statusline item
       are not truncated correctly.
     + 6.1.103: A function returning from a while loop, with 'verbose'
       set to 12 or higher, doesn't mention the return value. A function
       with the 'abort' attribute may return -1 while the verbose message
       says something else.
     + 6.1.104: GCC 3.1 appears to have an optimizer problem that makes
       test 3 crash.
     + 6.1.105: Win32: The default for 'shellpipe' doesn't redirect
       stderr. (Dion Nicolaas)
     + 6.1.106: The maze program crashes.
     + 6.1.107: When 'list' is set the current line in the error window
       may be displayed wrong.
     + 6.1.108: When interrupting a filter command such as "!!sleep 20"
       the file becomes read-only.
     + 6.1.109: When 'eadirection' is "hor", using CTRL-W = doesn't equalize
       the window heights.
     + 6.1.110: When using ":badd file" when "file" is already present
       but not listed, it stays unlisted.
     + 6.1.111: It's not possible to detect using the Unix sources on
       Win32 or Mac.
     + 6.1.112: When using ":argdo", ":bufdo" or ":windo", CTRL-O doesn't
       go to the cursor position from before this command but every position
       where the argument was executed.
     + 6.1.113: ":bufdo bwipe" only wipes out half the buffers.
     + 6.1.114: ":python import vim", ":python vim.current.buffer[0:0] =
       []" gives a lalloc
     + 6.1.115: "das" on the white space at the end of a paragraph does
       not delete the "." the sentence ends with.
     + 6.1.116: When 'endofline' is changed while 'binary' is set a file
       should be considered modified.
     + 6.1.117: Small problem with editing a file over ftp: and with Cygwin.
     + 6.1.118: When a file in diff mode is reloaded because it changed
       outside of Vim, other windows in diff mode are not always updated.
     + 6.1.119: With the Sniff interface, using Sniff 4.0.X on HP-UX,
       there may be a crash when connecting to Sniff.
     + 6.1.120: When 'scrolloff' is non-zero and there are folds, CTRL-F
       at the end of the file scrolls part of a closed fold.
     + 6.1.121: When starting Select mode from Insert mode, then using
       the Paste menu entry, the cursor is left before the laste pasted
     + 6.1.122: ":file name" creates a new buffer to hold the old buffer
       name, which becomes the alternate file. This buffer is unexpectedly
     + 6.1.123: A ":match" command with more than one argument doesn't
       report an error.
     + 6.1.124: When trying to exit and there is a hidden buffer that had
       'eol' off and 'bin' set exiting isn't possible.
     + 6.1.125: Explorer plugin asks for saving a modified buffer even
       when it's open in another window as well.
     + 6.1.126: Adding the choices in the syntax menu is consuming much
       of the startup time of the GUI while it's not often used.
     + 6.1.127: When using "--remote file" and the server has 'insertmode'
       set, commands are inserted instead of being executed.
     + 6.1.128: The expression "input('very long prompt')" puts the cursor
       in the wrong line (column is OK).
     + 6.1.129: On Solaris editing "file/" and then "file" results in
       using the same buffer.
     + 6.1.130: The documentation for some of the 'errorformat' items
       is unclear.
     + 6.1.131: X11 GUI: when expanding a CSI byte in the input stream to
       K_CSI, the CSI byte itself isn't copied.
     + 6.1.132: Executing a register in Ex mode may cause commands to
       be skipped.
     + 6.1.133: When drawing double-wide characters in the statusline,
       may clear half of a character.
     + 6.1.134: An error for a trailing argument of ":match" should not
       be given after ":if 0".
     + 6.1.135: Passing a command to the shell that includes a newline
       always has a backslash before the newline.
     + 6.1.136: When $TERM is "linux" the default for 'background' is
       "dark", even though the GUI uses a light background.
     + 6.1.137: Converting to HTML has a clumsy way of dealing with tabs
       which may change the highlighting.
     + 6.1.138: Adding extra items to the Syntax menu can't be done when
       the "Show individual choices" menu is used.
     + 6.1.139: Cygwin: PATH_MAX is not defined.
     + 6.1.140: Cygwin: ":args `ls *.c`" does not work if the shell command
       produces CR NL line separators.
     + 6.1.141: ":wincmd gx" may cause problems when mixed with other
       commands. ":wincmd c" doesn't close the window immediately.
     + 6.1.142: Defining paragraphs without a separating blank line isn't
       possible. Paragraphs can't be formatted automatically.
     + 6.1.143: Auto formatting near the end of the file moves the cursor
       to a wrong position. In Insert mode some lines are made one char
       too narrow. When deleting a line undo might not always work properly.
     + 6.1.144: Obtaining the size of a line in screen characters can be
       wrong. A pointer may wrap around zero.
     + 6.1.145: GTK: Drag&drop with more than 3 files may cause a
       crash. (Mickael Marchand)
     + 6.1.146: MS-Windows: When $HOME is constructed from $HOMEDRIVE and
       $HOMEPATH, it is not used for storing the _viminfo file. (Normal
     + 6.1.147: MS-Windows: When a dialog has no default button, pressing
       Enter ends it anyway and all buttons are selected.
     + 6.1.148: MS-Windows: ACL is not properly supported.
     + 6.1.149: MS-Windows: Can't use diff mode from the file explorer.
     + 6.1.150: OS/2, MS-Windows and MS-DOS: When 'shellslash' is set
       getcwd() still uses backslash.
     + 6.1.151: Win32: The NTFS substream isn't copied.
     + 6.1.152: When $LANG is iso8859-1 translated menus are not used.
 fd69946bee31728be2f4f05c476704c7 4346798 editors optional vim_6.1.152-1_m68k.deb
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 cd52a2006adbe51f9bc5720314c85157 534324 editors optional vim-perl_6.1.152-1_m68k.deb
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 576c2e5f198e8d970afb7e4c5c8ae0e4 529396 editors optional vim-ruby_6.1.152-1_m68k.deb
 cd622bf54331d082713d31bf7ff1b779 532192 editors optional vim-tcl_6.1.152-1_m68k.deb
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