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Uploaded isdnutils 3.1pre1b-30 (m68k) to erlangen

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Format: 1.7
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 14:39:41 +0100
Source: isdnutils
Binary: isdnvboxclient isdnvboxserver isdnutils-xtools isdnactivecards libcapi20 isdnlog-data pppdcapiplugin isdneurofile isdnutils-base ipppd isdnutils isdnlog isdnvbox isdnutils-doc
Architecture: m68k
Version: 1:3.1pre1b-30
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian/m68k Build Daemon <buildd@kullervo.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de>
Changed-By: Paul Slootman <paul@debian.org>
 ipppd      - PPP daemon for syncPPP over ISDN
 isdnactivecards - support for active ISDN cards and CAPI
 isdneurofile - ISDN eurofile transfer tool
 isdnlog    - ISDN connection logger
 isdnutils  - Most important ISDN-related packages and utilities.
 isdnutils-base - ISDN utilities, the basic (minimal) set
 isdnutils-xtools - ISDN utilities that use X
 isdnvbox   - ISDN answering machine, client and server
 isdnvboxclient - ISDN answering machine, client
 isdnvboxserver - ISDN answering machine, server
 libcapi20  - libraries for CAPI support
 pppdcapiplugin - plugin for pppd to communicate with CAPI-capable ISDN cards
Closes: 132723 132807 132809 132816
 isdnutils (1:3.1pre1b-30) unstable; urgency=low
   * Split off part of the moving around etc. of files in the install phase of
     debian/rules. This makes it easier to handle the situation where on
     architectures without isdn4linux hardware support, only isdnvboxclient is
   * Add xisdnload app-defaults to list of conffiles. (No bug was reported :-)
     Also added a preinst and postinst to preserve the existing add-defaults.
     Hmm, waited too long with the upload, some smartass submitted a bug after
     all, also for isdneurofile, pppdcapiplugin. closes:#132807,#132809,#132816
   * Changed cisco_h and cisco_hk to cisco-h and cisco-hk respectively in the
     isdnctrl(8) manpage. Also modified isdnctrl(8) so that it will accept
     cisco_h and cisco_hk as aliases for cisco-h and cisco-hk. closes:#132723
   * Updated rate-nl.dat for KPN, Tele2, One.Tel
 6ea8a18f20a74683f0e00794fdfdb9ad 20272 utils optional isdnutils_3.1pre1b-30_m68k.deb
 5be3ecfc0fafbdac752b524e15503799 192514 utils optional isdnutils-base_3.1pre1b-30_m68k.deb
 7eb61f7cf15fa6ad07f19f88c79811d6 39230 x11 extra isdnutils-xtools_3.1pre1b-30_m68k.deb
 d75694d68059f12904bf0eefdc34fed1 119540 net extra ipppd_3.1pre1b-30_m68k.deb
 b9aaf23d9dbf541a777a82a6485268d6 414352 utils extra isdnlog_3.1pre1b-30_m68k.deb
 cbad098384c0f57595207111e7ca1002 15258 utils extra isdnvbox_3.1pre1b-30_m68k.deb
 bb71d7bd7b20b9175fdb12c7553a9b1b 51610 utils extra isdnvboxclient_3.1pre1b-30_m68k.deb
 9eebec8b90397d25f67b5bf759934e4d 105426 utils extra isdnvboxserver_3.1pre1b-30_m68k.deb
 4e754704a45260fa54d21907256d9edb 51050 libs extra libcapi20_3.1pre1b-30_m68k.deb
 51ee161f7bafbf842aeb81b651e7fb4f 1537550 utils extra isdnactivecards_3.1pre1b-30_m68k.deb
 cfa3af089aa800357b2ed6405b677d78 126256 net extra pppdcapiplugin_3.1pre1b-30_m68k.deb
 5dc24e89bf45326dd84da4fddfdd8e09 144126 comm extra isdneurofile_3.1pre1b-30_m68k.deb
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