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Uploaded gcc-3.0 3.0.4ds2-0pre020209 (m68k) to erlangen

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.7
Date: Sat,  9 Feb 2002 01:30:11 +0100
Source: gcc-3.0
Binary: gcc-3.0-sparc64 gcc-3.0-soft-float libstdc++3 libgcc1 gobjc-3.0 gcc-3.0-base libffi2-dev fastjar cpp-3.0-doc protoize cpp-3.0 g++-3.0 libobjc1 libstdc++3-dev g77-3.0 libstdc++3-doc libgcj2 libffi2 g77-3.0-doc fixincludes gcc-3.0 libgcc1-sparc64 gcj-3.0 gcc-3.0-doc libstdc++3-dbg gcc-3.0-nof libgcj2-dev gij-3.0
Architecture: m68k
Version: 1:3.0.4ds2-0pre020209
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: high
Maintainer: Debian/m68k Build Daemon <buildd@kullervo.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de>
Changed-By: Matthias Klose <doko@debian.org>
 cpp-3.0    - The GNU C preprocessor.
 fastjar    - Jar creation utility
 fixincludes - Fix non-ANSI header files
 g++-3.0    - The GNU C++ compiler.
 g77-3.0    - The GNU Fortran 77 compiler.
 gcc-3.0    - The GNU C compiler.
 gcj-3.0    - The GNU compiler for Java(TM).
 gij-3.0    - The GNU Java bytecode interpreter.
 gobjc-3.0  - The GNU Objective-C compiler.
 libffi2    - Foreign Function Interface library runtime
 libffi2-dev - Foreign Function Interface library development
 libgcc1    - GCC support library.
 libgcj2    - Java runtime library for use with gcj
 libgcj2-dev - Java development headers and static library for use with gcj
 libobjc1   - Runtime library for GNU Objective-C applications.
 libstdc++3 - The GNU stdc++ library version 3
 libstdc++3-dbg - The GNU stdc++ library version 3 (debugging files)
 libstdc++3-dev - The GNU stdc++ library version 3 (development files)
 protoize   - Create/remove ANSI prototypes from C code
Closes: 130422
 gcc-3.0 (1:3.0.4ds2-0pre020209) unstable; urgency=high
   * Update to CVS sources (20020209 gcc-3_0-branch).
   * Apply patch to fix bootstrap error on arm-linux (submitted upstream
     by Phil Blundell). Closes: #130422.
   * Make base package architecture any.
   * Decouple versioned shlib dependencies from release number for
     libobjc as well.
 639390f9e048eef1a4c060055cf341a9 42644 libs standard libgcc1_3.0.4-0pre020209_m68k.deb
 9fb9ae4a0193a9b1a9899f2f06ca5034 104828 interpreters standard cpp-3.0_3.0.4-0pre020209_m68k.deb
 cde93723bddadcfaea7db56d1c3774fb 20840 devel optional protoize_3.0.4-0pre020209_m68k.deb
 8850c059d81ffbcae7eaa4f3ee84383f 42692 devel extra fixincludes_3.0.4-0pre020209_m68k.deb
 a21a2dc3848f5922cdd5e3823505249e 905064 devel optional gobjc-3.0_3.0.4-0pre020209_m68k.deb
 9fc6c5c130bc94fd5478c7ac0f5cb2fd 103154 libs optional libobjc1_3.0.4-0pre020209_m68k.deb
 97e3ff0955292259012e4b1ebe1d4996 1081702 devel optional gcj-3.0_3.0.4-0pre020209_m68k.deb
 fc98365da2fbd97145321f1980721558 8056 devel optional gij-3.0_3.0.4-0pre020209_m68k.deb
 fe586a7e61cc3ce77d325534e99bd8ff 1834952 libs optional libgcj2_3.0.4-0pre020209_m68k.deb
 ef34dc5a1548588afacc95dcdc67590a 3556572 devel optional libgcj2-dev_3.0.4-0pre020209_m68k.deb
 ea377fcbaeb19f4fc0d9f9bed2809e05 85594 devel extra fastjar_3.0.4-0pre020209_m68k.deb
 4d09b7d691c0bae6c00aa6abfa712b98 4702 libs optional libffi2_3.0.4-0pre020209_m68k.deb
 e38f22db456ee160834989045230d88b 9886 devel optional libffi2-dev_3.0.4-0pre020209_m68k.deb
 9d58b392a227e9208db2710605d9afa8 1128282 devel optional g++-3.0_3.0.4-0pre020209_m68k.deb
 6037b52885838837076d941965e38e68 203608 base standard libstdc++3_3.0.4-0pre020209_m68k.deb
 f9b910620853fab057693849dd8ec8de 557360 devel optional libstdc++3-dev_3.0.4-0pre020209_m68k.deb
 3bac871da8618a50d2632809bc0581d5 602616 devel extra libstdc++3-dbg_3.0.4-0pre020209_m68k.deb
 09bcc7c0cc79a47114a7299a207d2e41 1072904 devel optional g77-3.0_3.0.4-0pre020209_m68k.deb
 40850a698f8bb406301476bf3e10bd31 1157284 devel standard gcc-3.0_3.0.4-0pre020209_m68k.deb
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