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Re: Debian Speakers Request for convention

Dear Michele,

I forwarding your request to our italian developer list, hopefully
someone near to you can help you.

Dear italians:  Could you please keep events@debian.org informed, so we
can keep the website up do date (or look for someone else, of none of
you can find the time for that?)

Yours sincerely,

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* Michele B. <miky@lilik.it> [060303 02:07]:
> Hi, I'm a member of LILiK ( Free Software Lab), a free association for
> diffuse, support and develop free software. We are at faculty of
> Engineering of the University of Florence, Italy. In this lab we have 3
> server with Debian GNU/Linux, and use Debian to diffuse free software.
> It is our intention to organize a convention with the title "Sviluppo di
> Progetti Open Source" (Open Source develop projects) for the 27th April
> 2006. The convention is organized with contribution of University of
> Florence. We will be interested in a one or more relators from Debian
> Project, in italian or english language. It's possible to know if is
> needed some compensation for relators? if yes how much? Excuse me for
> this questions, but we are a free association and don't have many money
> to finance these convention.
> Michele Bursi

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