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Re: son cazzi...

Cito un comment di Slashdot:

     Abstract The method and system of the present invention provides
     an improved technique for replacing, implementing and managing
     computer-related assets. A technician accesses the World Wide Web
     through a user's computer. The information resident on the
     computer, including information regarding the computer and the
     user's preferences, are downloaded to a remote storage medium
     through the World Wide Web. Once downloaded, all information may
     be removed from the user's computer. Subsequently, the technician
     accesses another computer such as, for example, a new computer
     that has been assigned to the same user. The technician accesses
     the World Wide Web through the new computer and downloads the
     information previously stored on the remote storage medium. This
     information can then be used to install the user's prior
     applications, settings and preferences on the new computer.

As the parent noted, as would anybody who actually took the time to
read the patent abstract (which apparently does NOT include the
original poster), this patent is for using the web as a place to
migrate settings and data from one computer to another.

Now, in my opinion, the actual patent is also ridiculous and way too
broad in scope, but not nearly as bad as the picture painted by /.


In altre parole, sembra avere poco a che fare con apt.

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