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[amu@tr.debian.net: woody based live cd]

ecco qua, magari a qualcuno interessa oppure puo' spedirlo ad una ml
piu' adeguata...

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Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 20:37:57 +0100
From: Andreas Mueller <amu@tr.debian.net>
To: cavok@filibusta.crema.unimi.it
Subject: woody based live cd 


Unfortunately I dont know to much italian people, maybe you can find a solution.
I debootstraped a knoppix from beginning, as basic I choose woody. With this
cool basics we started a KDE-Version and a GNOME-version. At Cebit, KDE released
it as their Promo-CD. It was very successfull so I continued the work, with
woody backports, ex. XF4.3 KDE3.1.1. Paralell people ask about a gnome-version
we started a new project with the GNOME only :)
Many people ask could it be also in english or frensh or or, so i made some
i18n versions. It sounds interessting for you, to build a italian version ?

http://www.trxlinux.org             Main page
http://www.trxlinux.org/foo         screenshots turkish version
http://www.trxlinux.org/foo/bar     screenshots english version


Andreas Mueller

The Debian Project			amu@linux.de 			
http://www.debian.org			amu@debian.org

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