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resurrecting xinv3d

Hi Debian games Maintainers,
I was looking at another possible project to tackle and found xinv3d 
interesting as well and something I could also fix and update.

I am not familiar with Debian packaging (I am a longtime Mageia user), plus 
my PC doesn't seem to agree with debian liveCD (no ethernet) but I have 
contributed to Debian with - Fontforge, libuninameslist, libspiro (& 
recently xball).

Instead of keeping the package as a Debian package which I'm not familiar 
with, I converted the Debian package xinv3d to a more generic package that 
is easier for various distros to import.
To meet Debian policy, I think you only need to edit one of the ./configure 
prefixes to meet the /usr/games directory policy used by Debian. This can be 
done as a ./configure option.
I bumped the version from 1.3.6-6 to 1.4.0 due to all the updates.
All 3 existing bug reports should also be resolved with this update.

A ./configure compatible "dist" tarball is included here:

Hopefully you find this upgraded xinv3d usable once again by current Debian.


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