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Re: package aseprite on raspian

On Mon, 2020-11-30 at 17:36 +0100, Marcus König wrote:
> Hi there,
> I saw with delight, that aseprite is in the debian package repo. 

Not anymore, it isn't.  Aseprite has been out of the distribution since
Debian Stretch

> However, the version is outdated.
> Now I was wondering if there are plans to update it? Current version is 
> 1.2.25.

Aseprite is no longer distributed under a free license.  See
While (it appears) you can still download and use it, you cannot
redistribute it: which is forbidden for Debian.  Unless they change that
policy completely, for everyone, no version later than 1.1.7 can be
included.  My guess, though I haven't verified this, is that the team
decided to remove it from the repository, given they would no longer be
updating it.

> My initial tries of compiling libskia on my raspberry pi 400 
> unfortunately weren't really successful.

Skia isn't currently included in the Debian repositories, though it
probably should be: it's the rendering engine for Firefox and Chromium. 
Can someone comment on that? Is it a header-only library, or similar?

That, unfortunately, means the best resource for learning how to compile
libskia will probably be the upstream, skia.org.  

It's also worth noting that, as you are clearly running Raspbian from a
Stretch release, a lot of your packages are probably out-of-date.  You
should probably check your '/etc/apt/sources.list' file, switching any
mention of 'stretch' to 'buster', before running "sudo apt update && sudo
apt dist-upgrade"

> Could anyone perhaps help me with this? If a start point could be 
> provided, I could in turn also help with
> updating the package?

As mentioned, this package cannot be updated in Debian, or Raspbian for
that matter.  Thank you for your offer to help, though!  Maybe checkout
gimp or pixmap?  If you find another open-source sprite editor, we'd be
happy to check it out!

Calum M

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