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MiniDebConfOnline2 - WAN party

On Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 00:02:13AM +0200, Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) wrote:
> Dear everybody
> The next online MiniDebConf[1] is creeping ever closer and the orga team
> is eagerly getting everything in place.
> Here's some more information leading up to the event...
> == Lightning talks ==
> Here’s your chance to talk very briefly on a subject related to games on
> Linux.  Talks can be up to 5 minutes in length, and can be submitted
> prerecorded (preferred) or done live if necessary.  Please contact Team
> Lightning on islightningreal@debconf.org to register your interest.
> == Loopy Loop ==
> Yep, our video loop introduced at DC20 is back.
> There are two types of submissions you can make for the loopy loop:
> 1. Shout-outs
> Send a short message to the community in the loop between talks. Ideally
> it should not be much more than 30s long. It doesn't have to be a whole
> production, a short clip recorded on your webcam or phone is fine
> (although please use landscape mode if using your phone though).
> 2. Tiny talks
> Tiny talks are even faster than lightning talks! These are between 30s
> and 90s (one and a half minute) long. Submit a tiny talk to make some
> announcements or updates for your project in Debian, or do a quick demo
> of a piece of software that you find interesting.
> To submit a shout-out or tiny talk for the loop, upload your clip
> somewhere and send the link to loopy@debconf.org
> Submissions for both close on 12:00 UTC on Saturday, 21 November.
> == MiniDebCamp ==
> Thursday and Friday (19-20 November) we'll have some time for informal
> events, which could be ad-hoc talks, playing some network games, doing
> some bug squashing or even packaging mentoring/tutorials depending on
> demand.
> Join us on #minidebconf-online on the oftc network, we'll share jitsi
> and other links there, we'll also add some more information on the wiki
> page[2] for MiniDebCamp as it becomes available.
> - - MiniDebConf Online Team
> [1] https://mdco2.mini.debconf.org/
> [2] https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/internet/2020/MiniDebConfOnline2/DebCamp

Hi all,

As a bit of a change of pace from packaging, I was wondering if anyone
from the Games Team is interested in having a WAN party during
MiniDebCamp next week?

Image Gallery: https://kutt.it/CLiMC4
Register your interest at https://framadate.org/mdco2-wanparty-timezone
Choose the game at https://framadate.org/mdco2-wanparty-game

I was thinking most of those games I could self-host the server part for
you to connect to and maybe combine it with Mumble or Jitsi. Any other
ideas for making it feel more like a LAN party, please let me know.
Phil Morrell (emorrp1)

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