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[RFS] GOverlay 0.3.5-1 and MangoHud 0.4.1-1

Hi Stephan,

A first remark: it looks like you started a new debian branch that is
not forked from the previous one (and based again on the upstream
repository instead of importing a tarball, by the way), and because of
that, there is no easy way to check what you changed in the Debian
package since last time.

Concerning the package itself, first, there are typos in the man page of
mangohud: envrionment -> environment.
Did you checked the package with lintian? Because this typo is detected
by lintian.

Apparently, you did not modify the copyright file concerning the
following files:
- subprojects/dearimgui/imstb_rectpack.h
- subprojects/dearimgui/imstb_textedit.h
- subprojects/dearimgui/imstb_truetype.h.
These files contain a copyright  paragraph mentioning Sean Barrett.

By the way, how do you know the license and copyright of other files in
the same directory ?
If there is no license/copyright statement in the files or in a separate
license file, it is hard to tell.

For example, the file subprojects/dearimgui/imgui_draw.cpp mentions a
copyright by Tristan Grimmer, but this probably refers to the original
font file, and no copyright information on the file itself is provided.

The file subprojects/dearimgui/imgui.cpp mentions a file named
LICENSE.txt, which is not present anywhere in the package.


Le 28/09/2020 à 22:44, Stephan Lachnit a écrit :
> Hi Vincent,
> sorry for not responding for so long - I didn't really had time to deal with the MangoHud package.
> Anyway, the points you mentioned all got improved upstream, so v0.5.1 is easier to package.
> Salsa: https://salsa.debian.org/games-team/mangohud
> Mentors: https://mentors.debian.net/package/mangohud/
> Cheers,
> Stephan

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