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Re: [Request for packaging] Zig - it's a game where you shoot stuff.

Hi Ben,

Am 18.08.20 um 08:00 schrieb Ben Campbell:
> Not sure if this is the place to ask, but would anyone be interested in packaging up a game of mine?
> It's called Zig, and it's a 2D vector arcade game. Full of retro blasting action. A bit like classic Asteroids, but with more going on.
> It's released under GPL3, written in C++: https://github.com/bcampbell/zig
> I'm using meson to build it.
> It uses OpenGL, SDL2, SDL2_mixer, libpng and zlib.
> I'm happy to make whatever upstream changes would make it easier to package up for Debian.
> (And yes, I'm aware of Zig, the programming language. Not sure what package-naming conventions kick in there. I've a horrible suspicion my project is older - it dates back to the '90s. Obviously I should port my game from C++ to Zig. One day... ;- )

I believe this is a good place for asking to package a new game for
Debian. As usual, unfortunately it doesn't mean you will immediately
find someone who is interested enough, has spare time and the necessary
skills and dedication to maintain a package. You could also file a so
called RFP (request for packaging) bug report, here are some pages that
might help you:


The most promising idea is to become the Debian maintainer of your game
yourself. This means you would prepare updates and bug fixes for your
game and would also do the initial packaging work and introduction to
Debian. Someone here on this list or on debian-mentors may guide you
throughout this process, see also


It seems nobody has packaged the zig language yet, src:ziglang could be
the name of the source package then. If you want to avoid any naming
collisions you could name your source package ziggame or zigshooter for
example. Hope that helps a little.



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