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Re: Sponsor for Lutris

Hi again,

> — Your README.Debian confuses me. It states: "This program is a native
>   package for Ubuntu". What does this mean? I guess it refers to upstream's
>   sources containign a debian/ directory, that you apparently changed.
>   Please do not do this. Instead, create the orig.tar.gz with the debian/
>   directory stripped (e.g. by using uscan's repacking mechanism, then add
>   your own debian/ directory (if you base it on upstream's one, remember
>   keeping their copyright notice intact).

Never mind, I just found out the package indeed builds just fine. I
somehow remember this wasn't always the case…

> — That said, how do you get the orig.tar.gz needed to build the package?

Now that the debian/ in the orig.tar.gz seems to be no issue. getting
the orig tarbal with uscan seems to do the right thing.

> — Your Standards-Version is old. Please review the policy changes between
>   4.1.4 and the current version, make any changes necessary and bump the
>   Standards-Version.

Please still do this. If possible, also write a man page for the lutris


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