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Re: [ANN] Preliminary debian source package of fortune-mod-2.14.0


Shlomi Fish kirjoitti 23.2.2020 klo 19.38:
> Hi all,
> see https://salsa.debian.org/shlomif-guest/fortune-mod which packages
> https://github.com/shlomif/fortune-mod of which I am the upstream.
> Currently the git history is a mess and lintian is unhappy, but the package
> finally builds using gbp!
> Merge requests and comments are welcome.

Do you want to become the maintainer of this package in Debian? If so,
you may want to follow the guide for package salvaging.

There are some patches in the bug tracker:
However, patch 0001 removes "Provides: fortune" which I would like to
keep. It makes "apt install fortune" work as opposed to being forced to
ask "apt install fortune-mod".


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