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Re: Re: would somebody be interested in packaging hivetime, a bee management sim game ?


Hive Time's lead developer here.

First up, I'd like to say I'm thankful for the attention and enthusiasm
for both Hive Time and its subject matter - even though the game is
specifically inaccurate and currently not a good educational resource,
motivating people to be interested in bees and view them positively is
something I care about deeply.

At this time, Hive Time is not licenced for redistribution.

I also don't consider Hive Time to be gratis (we chose a pay-what-you-
want model with a minimum of $0 to allow individuals who can't afford
the game to still have access to it - framing the game has having no
monetary cost is not our intention).

Apologies for the disappointing news and any confusion.

- Cheese

P.S. It's off-topic for this thread, but I would be happy to be
supportive of downstream packaging efforts for any of my F/OSS licenced

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