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Re: Stepping down from freedink-* maintenance

Hi Markus,

On 30/08/2019 00:01, Markus Koschany wrote:
> Am 28.08.19 um 19:56 schrieb Sylvain Beucler:
>> I'm not working on src:freedink, src:freedink-dfarc and
>> src:freedink-data packaging anymore.
>> I plan to make an upload removing myself from Uploaders and dropping the
>> Vcs-* fields which are pointing to upstream (which includes the debian/
>> I used to maintain).
>> Is that alright or should I do something differently?
> If nobody is interested in taking over freedink, I believe it is better
> to orphan the package for now. Since freedink is a low-maintenance
> package we could also keep it under the games-team umbrella but a
> team-maintained package without an uploader is a Debian Policy
> violation, so orphaning would be sensible. I'm not very happy with this
> kind of paperwork but someone should feel responsible, so it makes sense
> in a way.

OK thanks, I'll orphan.
I initially thought I'd have to RM but O looks fine.
Hopefully this will trigger some interest.


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