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Help needed with a script generating a .deb


So, I have this awesome project, that I am trying to get into the
package repository of Debian. I already filed an RFP, which can be
found at the WNPP bug tracker, where it is gathering dust.


So, I tried my hand at creating a package myself. Since I am a very
lazy person, I try to script my work whenever possible. So why should
there be an exception for the Debian package generation, right? 😉

Anyways, the script that is downloading my project, compiles it, and
creates a .deb file can be found attached to this email, but you can
also download it at github, at 


(Yes, currently I am sitting at a Ubuntu Machine (At work), but I would still
like to see my project become part of Debian)

If you could have a look, and tell me what I might have missed, I would very
VERY much appreciate it.

Oh, my project is located at http://www.dettus.net/dMagnetic, it is called
dMagnetic- A Magnetic Scrolls Interpreter, and can be used to play classic
text adventures such as "The Guild of Thieves" on modern Hardware in any
terminal window. The graphics are being rendered in ANSI art.

Thomas Dettbarn

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