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Re: Adding dMagnetic to your packages?

Hello Moshe.

The reason for my asking is because out of reluctance, not out of unwillingness.

I personally see myself as a "developer", rather than a "maintainer". To me being a "maintainer" involves rigorous testing, making sure that everything runs on different platforms and so on.

Maybe I am simply overthinking it. However, I would love to see my project become part of your package repository. What would I have to do, to make this happen?


On 5/19/19 3:48 AM, Moshe Piekarski wrote:
On 5/17/19 4:37 PM, Thomas Dettbarn wrote:
Actually, what,I am looking for is a maintainer, to add it to your
package repository. What are my chances of finding one on this mailing
If you specifically want it in Debian why not maintain it yourself?


Moshe Piekarski


There's no such thing as a stupid question,

But there are plenty of inquisitive idiots.

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