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Re: Screenshots of Debian software

On Thu, May 16, 2019 at 03:40:20PM +0100, Paul Sutton wrote:
Looking at https://screenshots.debian.net/ ; the Debian project seems to
want some screen shots of different applications etc.

I have taken some screenshots for various purposes and since seeing this
have started to rename, organize  and keep them in case the are useful
for this part of the project.

These are currently stored on Salsa at


Is anyone here, on the team that deals with screenshots please,  I am
probably far better at taking the screenshots, renaming them etc and
uploading them to salsa,  where I am happy for someone to download them
and upload to the screenshot repository as required.  please use which
ever license is appropriate.

In this reply I am copying Christoph Haas, who originally set up the
Screenshots project, and also the Debian Games Team, who have made heavy
use of it in the past. Perhaps someone will be interested in exploring
moving your screenshots into the screenshots.debian.net collection.

However, at the moment, you have in your collection only pictures for
brasero, devede, libreoffice, and rocksndiamonds, all of which have
screenshots on screenshots.debian.net already. So it's unlikely anyone
will spare the time to ferry these particular ones over.

If we need a volunteer to do the uploading to the above site, I am _not_
offering to volunteer as I am trying to do other things relating to the

It's very easy to upload screenshots to screenshots.debian.net. Possibly
less work than organising them in a git repository. I just did one to
test and it took seconds (http://screenshots.debian.net/package/crispy-doom)

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✎	 jmtd@debian.org
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