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Re: Export project "Pekka Kana 2" to the Debian Games team

Am 03.03.19 um 19:52 schrieb Carlos Donizete Froes:
> Hi Markus,
>> I think this step is too early. Please reply to my previous e-mail and
>> ask the original copyright holder of Pekka Kana 2 for a license
>> clarification.
> Answered the previous email. I'll be modifying the added part about the license in the
> sources.
> Thanks!

Ok, but please contact Janne Kivilahti about his original license.

"This package contains the source codes for the game Pekka Kana 2,
written by Janne Kivilahti.
The game and it's (sic) code are copyrighted by Janne Kivilahti, but you
can modify and use the code freely
as long as the original author is mentioned."

As Sylvain pointed out earlier on this list the license is not clear
about redistribution and whether it is suitable for commercial use,
selling the game. His email address should be janne AT pistegamez DOT net.


Please ask him to clarify the license and just mention that you would
like to package the game for Debian.



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