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Re: [Mailman] Excessive or fatal bounces


Am 13.07.18 um 00:42 schrieb Alex Muntada:
> On the other hand, I found this article and the script linked
> there very useful when dealing with large amounts of spam in
> one mailman setup, though you'll have to put non-member posts
> on hold, as Dominic suggested:
> http://taint.org/2003/08/06/025411a.html


I followed your advice and put non-member posts on hold to reduce the
spam on our pkg-games-devel list. This seemed to work until I discovered
a while ago that my emails to pkg-games-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org
are no longer forwarded to alioth-lists.debian.net or they are simply

I probably made some mistake in Mailman but I can't figure out what.

For instance if you take a look at bug #908864 [1], you can see that I
and Reiner Herrman have replied to the bug report. However the emails
never arrived on our mailing list. [2]

Any ideas why?



[1] https://bugs.debian.org/908864
[2] [2]

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