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Re: Fw: Access to the Debian Games group was granted

Hello Ricardo,

Am 08.08.2018 um 13:05 schrieb Ricardo Mones:
> Hi all,
> Seems, Developer access is not enough to create new projects, and I'd like
> to put biloba¹ and epiphany² under team umbrella. Would be that possible?

I've just granted you maintainer access for our team. I usually prefer
that people introduce themselves on this mailing list before I grant any
permissions because I like to know more about their motivations and what
they want to achieve with their new rights.

> Also, please, don't hesitate to remind me any rules those packages should be
> following to be good team members ;-)

I guess there are not many rules in this team because "We just do it ™"
Please consider to subscribe to this low traffic mailing list though,
because this is the way we keep in touch. Anyway welcome to the team!



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