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Re: Some more games for the Debian games team to package


Am 02.08.2018 um 23:55 schrieb Hans de Goede:
> Hi,
> So after seeing:
> https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Debian-Games-2018
> I realized that there are probably a few games in Fedora which are
> not in Debian yet.
> So following the gotta catch them all principle I
> thought I would share a list of those I'm aware of
> with you.

Thanks a lot for sharing your list. There are also some games that are
in Debian but not in Fedora, though I haven't compiled a list yet. It is
always a bit hard to find contributors who want to maintain those games.
I assume this is our main blocking issue for introducing all those older
Allegro games.

> crystal-stacker (1)
> flyingsaucersattack
> lacewing
> machineball
> raidem
> scorchwentbonkers
> shippy
> worminator
> zasx


I might take a look at them in the future, just to learn more about
gameplay and artworks. However I believe Allegro 4 is pretty much
obsolete, so we have to port them to Allegro 5 eventually. Not sure if
it will be worth the effort.



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