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Re: Packaging a new FretsOnFire song pack

Hello Valerio,

Am 29.07.2018 um 21:58 schrieb Valerio Bozzolan:
> Hello dear Debian games developers!
> In the spare time I'm working on a new song pack for FretsOnFire.
> I started when I found a cute band from Finland called Zep Hurme that releases songs under CC BY 4.0. I expecially found a song called Persephone, that it's very suitable, and I started from it.
> I'm releasing my progresses in the song-mapping process here:
> https://github.com/valerio-bozzolan/fretsonfire-songs-zephurme
> I'm doing this work because there are not much default Free songs in this game, and so I think that packaging a new song pack could be appreciated.
> Sadly I am not very sure how to start packaging it, and submit it in the unstable, etc.
> How can I start?
> Thank you dears.

Thank you very much for your interest in contributing a new song package
for fretsonfire. I'm also CCing the debian-devel-games list which is our
preferred mailing list for discussions whereas pkg-games-devel is
intended to be a bug mailing list.

Basically you will be the upstream maintainer of
fretsonfire-songs-zephurne and at the same time also the Debian
maintainer of this package. You can take a look at the existing songs
packages, fretsonfire-songs-muldjord and fretsonfire-songs-sectoid. Just
download one of the source packages and modify it. Make a release on
github and tag it, so that all interested parties can download a tarball
of your work. This is also called the original upstream sources. Unpack
the content and place your modified debian directory inside it. Then run
dpkg-source -b and build the package with either dpkg-buildpackage or

Please also read the information for new maintainers at


and follow them. If you have successfully built the package, please
upload it to mentors.debian.net and ask for a review on the
debian-devel-games mailing list.



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