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Re: Packaging Galois?

Thanks for your answers Phil and Markus.

> I had a look to try and determine your upstream version control, but couldn't find anything other than an (empty?) CVS repo.

Indeed, I'm not using any VCS. The program isn't big and I am the only
developer at the moment, so I don't feel I really need that.
There is a CVS repo on Savannah but I haven't put any code there, only
the program's home page and documentation.

> I strongly recommend putting at least the debian packaging into source control, particularly git, particularly following this branching scheme:

Will look at it. I've never used git but I guess I must learn it
sooner or later.

> it is acceptable to maintain it solo, but I definitely wouldn't recommend it for your first package.

Ok, then I'll set Debian Games Team as maintainer if you are fine with it.

> it's ok to leave cruft in the .orig.tar.gz, but this looks like you've included it in the build? At the very least if these files are identical I'd create them as symlinks.

Well yes, the files are included in the documentation that gets
installed with the program, so they have to be in the binary package.
You're right about the symlinks, I'll do that in the next upstream release.

> I recommend to use schroot though because it is easy to set up and keeps the rest of your system tidy.

This seems exactly what I was looking for.

> https://mentors.debian.net/intro-maintainers
> Point 4.

> You need a GPG key for uploading to mentors but it doesn't have to be signed.

Thanks. I'll generate the key and then upload. Will let you know when it's done.


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