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Re: RFS: jpeces/4.2.1-1 [ITP]

Hi Markus,

> I had a look at your package. I would sponsor it but there are some
> issues we should fix before uploading. Some of them are upstream bugs
> but since you are upstream for jpeces, I think that should be doable.
> There are two issues which are really blocking bugs for me.
> 1. The program is configured to open your upstream URL on startup.
> Although this happens only once (or as long as .jpeces.configuracio.gz
> exists) it is quite surprising, if not a bit annoying. It could also
> be perceived as a privacy issue. It's completely ok to have this link
> in your help menu but it should not be forced on the user.

It is a system to know if there is someone who really installs the
program. Your proposal is more "respectful", certainly!

> 2. The help/documentation feature (F1) is not working because the
> ajuda directory is not installed. Ideally it should be installed into
> /usr/share/jpeces too because it is required to make a certain feature
> of your program work. You probably need to adjust your code and make
> it a bit more flexible because jpeces is looking for it in the current
> working directory at the moment.

I had not detected this. Thank you!

> There are some deprecation warnings like
>  warning: [deprecation] Observable in java.util has been deprecated
> which are no problem with Java 9 now but will become a problem in the
> future.
> Bonus points if the preferences file jpeces.configuracio.gz would
> follow the XDG specification [1]. So ideally it would be stored into
> ~/.config/jpeces/. You could also use Java's Preferences feature but
> that's just an idea and not a blocker.

This will have to be updated.

> Packaging issues
> ================
> Removed the line about glpeces in the description because glpeces is a
> separate program and not part of jpeces.

Ooppss! A major oversight!

> Standards-Version is 4.1.3
> jpeces must depend on jarwrapper to enable binfmt support otherwise
> users can't launch the program. An alternative method to launch a Java
> application is to write a wrapper script. For instance you can take a
> look at mediathekview [2] that makes use of this technique. This
> requires a dependency on java-wrappers though.
> Build-Depends/Build-Depends-Indep: If you only build an arch:all
> binary package you can simplify d/control a little and move all
> build-dependencies to Build-Depends and remove the Build-Depends-Indep
> field. This field is only useful if you build arch:any and arch:all
> binary packages from the same source package and you need certain
> build-dependencies only for building the arch:all package.
> jpeces.desktop: The '' in your Exec field are superfluous and you can
> just write Exec=jpeces which is more generic and universal. Thus other
> distributions that install the binary into a different location don't
> need to patch your desktop file again. Keywords should be separated by
> semicolon, no spaces between words. logic game as a keyword is
> duplicating the Categories field, hence it also superfluous. Again the
> desktop-file-validate tool is quite helpful to spot such mistakes.
> A high resolution icon would be nice.
> I suggest not to compress the manual page and let the distributions do
> it for you. This makes it simpler to apply patches as well. For
> instance there are some typos which I couldn't fix that easily.
> s/tagram/tangram, s/where player/where the player/, s/The program
> have/The program contains/
> debian/jpeces.manifest: There is a typo s/Main-class/Main-Class. I'm
> not sure if the JRE even cares about that but this will silence the
> Lintian error.
> You could also fix "debian-watch-could-verify-download" since you
> already provide the signing key in your package.
> I hope that helps a little

All this requires a thorough review. I have not done the program for
years, but I thought I had more health. I will do a thorough review but
it will take me some time. In any case, thank you very much for your
help and time.
Meanwhile, I will withdraw the program from debian.mentors.net and
close the ITP.

Thanks Markus!

I. De Marchi

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