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Re: Join the Debian Games team


Am 17.03.2018 um 19:29 schrieb Innocent De Marchi:
> Hello everyone,
> Recently, I have adopted the pinball package[0]: I keep other game
> packages in Debian [1] (I also have a new sponsor package pending
> [1bis]. I think it would be nice if these packages are in the group
> Debian Game repository in Salsa. I have a user in Salsa and I am
> migrating my packages [2].
> I could help in the maintenance of Game Team packages. Recently, I have
> passed the NM process and I am DM [3]. I need a sponsor for my
> collaborations.
> In order to do all this, I ask that my user demarchi-guest be placed in
> the Debian Games group of Salsa.


Welcome on board. Please just request membership for our games-team on
salsa.debian.org. I will add your user afterwards. If you are looking
for sponsors you can ask on this mailing list in the future. Just send
us a link to the Git repository and I can take a look at it later.



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