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Re: Re: mirrormagic for debiangames-team locked as Private project

Debian games-team Owners:   
    - please fix the permissions for the games-team/mirrormagic project.

Salsa admin: 
    - please delete the Debian/mirrormagic project at 
(I renamed it to "removedmirrormagic" to reduce confusion, but my
Remove request was never fulfilled)


On 9 Jan 2018 Drew Parsons wrote:
> I've created the mirrormagic project under debiangames-team.  For
> some
> reason it's come out with visibility "Private". It should be
> "Public". 
> I can't change it in the web interface, the Project visibility drop-
> down list is locked to Private.  What's going on with that?
> Separate problem: I had first created a mirrormagic project under the
> general debian group, and I clicked on the "Remove project" button to
> remove it (in order to place it in the Games group).  But it's still
> showing. Why isn't it removed?  The "Remove project" button now is
> not
> showing, so it's behaving as if it's a "Remove button" button, not
> "Remove project".  For the record, the visibility of that project is
> "Public" not "Private".

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