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Re: Access level for members of Debian Games group at Salsa

On Tue, 09 Jan 2018 at 09:08:57 +0100, Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda wrote:
> I'm not a DD but I have upload permissions to ode as uploader. Please, could
> someone give me some grants to continue maintaining ode under the Debian Games Team?

Added you and imported your package:

The access levels for developers are currently fairly arbitrary: until
recently Carlos was the only Owner due to having created the group (now
Markus Koschany and I are also Owners), other DDs have Master access,
and non-DDs have Developer access. I don't think we'll know whether
that's correct until we've used it for a while. Descriptions of the
permission levels can be found here:
The tl;dr version seems to be that a Master can take (most) privileged
actions on all projects (packages) and an Owner can take privileged
actions on the group itself.

I'm happy to give Owner access to DDs more active than me; it would
perhaps be best if there was some sort of correlation between Owner
access and being active in running the team, rather than applying it

I'm not particularly active in the team as a whole myself (I just maintain
some packages), and I'm happy to drop my own Owner access when there
are more Owners who can take over.


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